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John Thomas Financial
John Thomas Financial

Thomas Belesis, CEO and Founder

John Thomas Financial

Dear Client or Prospective Client,

Wall Street’s traditions are not rooted in complex derivatives, conflicted transactions and ethical quandaries. Wall Street was founded on connecting capital with innovation. This simple equation helped make America the world’s leading economic power and Wall Street, the financial capital of the world.

At John Thomas Financial, we follow this simple principle, knowing that it creates value for our company and wealth for our clients. Using insightful, independent research and our proprietary market insights, we seek out the best opportunities that fit this equation and deliver results using our energy, passion and dedication.

At the end of the day, the success of our clients means our success. In challenging and volatile markets, knowing where to find the right opportunities requires a dedicated professional who understands your goals and is dedicated to your success. Our investment professionals and market analysts tirelessly strive to deliver the best service, insights and results possible.

John Thomas Financial is committed to furthering innovation in the 21st century . Our dedication to this mission and the energy we put behind it is what sets us apart from our peers.


Thomas Belesis

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

John Thomas Financial

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