Mobile Development

Be Mobile!

Mobile is growing at a rapid pace and can represent a massive opportunity for advertising growth!

* Social Media Surfers are here to look over your mobile development needs, whether that be a responsive website, a stand-alone mobile website, or develop an app for either Blackberry/iPhone/iPad/Android devices.

* Social Media Surfers have in-house capabilities to plan, design and develop for mobile devices.

* Our experience is beyond mobile and falls into all aspects of website design, development and online marketing. Here      at Social Media Surfers we will not only build you a mobile application, we will build a mobile campaign from start to finish.

We have many great features that will make your mobile website an experience your users will love

It may not be clear whether you want a mobile application. Most businesses will do good with merely a mobile-friendly site. However, there are cases where an app that can take user involvement to a new degree, resulting in a favorable return on the investment in app development.

  • Have your website optimized for all smart phones. SocialMediaSurfers can produce an affordable mobile website which works on all major platforms. (Nokia, Blackberry, iPhone, Android)
  • Mobile Analytics: Keep track of how much traffic you’re mobile website is getting

Get a Mobile App for your business and interact with consumers

  1. Will users gain from 24/7 access to your content?
    If yes, a mobile app may be the way to go. Examples of such content-delivering apps are Facebook, the NYTimes app, and any RSS reader apps.
  2. Will users benefit significantly from offline access to your content?
    If yes, then an app is the way to go. Applications can  be used when users are not connected to a cell network or Wifi.
  3. Is your app for a game or utility?
    If yes, then a mobile app is undoubtedly the way to go. Utilities such as voice recorders, picture editors, and games make perfect applications.